Hebron USA is a non-profit organization providing medical and educational services in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.  Hebron USA was originally founded by Presbyterians in the Salem Presbytery of North Carolina.   A key focus of the work of Hebron USA is the support of a medical clinic which it helped to build in the town of Ocosingo.  The clinic is called “Manos de Cristo” (the hands of Christ) and provides much needed medical care to the people of the region.  Medical mission teams travel to the area on a regular basis to provide additional care and also training for basic medical providers there.  Several mission teams from First Presbyterian have worked in Ocosingo.  Hebron USA also holds an annual pastor’s school and provides training for Presbyterian pastors in Chiapas. For more information please leave a message for Dennis Stamper at our church, 828-322-6343.