“Where God’s presence intersects our lives.”

Our Kairos service is a more contemporary worship setting and therefore less formal. But don’t be fooled, we like to think of ourselves as a blended worship service.  We Presbyterians love tradition but in our Kairos service we invite the tradition to dance with the current.  Here are a few things you might find helpful to know.

  • We are generally more at ease in comfortable, casual clothing–but you can dress up if that’s how you do church.
  • We hope you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee: bring your own or use one of ours–we grind Fair Trade Organic coffee beans on Sunday mornings and we use legit half & half.
  • We will sing hymns and songs you might hear on the radio–our band is awesome and I’m not just saying that.
  • We want everyone to feel engaged–from our very youngest to our young at heart worshipers; so you can expect visuals, movie and video clips, poetry and maybe drama or dance.
  • We hope your heart and mind and body will connect with the Triune God and each other–so germ-aphobes bring your hand sanitize because we like to shake hands, hug and eat homemade goodies. You might even shed a tear or tear if you feel so moved–don’t worry you won’t be the only one.
  • We celebrate Holy Communion monthly on the first Sunday of the month by intinction.  But no one will force you to come forward, but when you’re ready all are welcome at Christ’s table.
  • Our service meets in our Fellowship Hall (the building with large windows facing 3rd Ave NW) at 11am.  We don’t mind if you are running a few minutes late (sometimes we are too) just come on in.