Session Notes 

The session met on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Lisa Bost led the devotion called, “God is always with us.”

The session received three new members:

Confirmand Spears Culpepper was received into membership by public Profession of Faith

Kabo Moua and Dave Dreyer will join by Reaffirmation of Faith

Corporate Office Resolution:

The following individuals are duly elected as officers of First Presbyterian Church, Hickory, North Carolina (USA) to take office immediately and to serve until their successors are duly elected: President: Rev. Dr J. Whit Malone; Vice President: Rev. Heather Wood Davis; Secretary – Clerk of Session, currently Dr. Ken Bates, MD; and Treasurer: Jay V.N. Crane.

Whit presented the recent proposal from the Emergency Management and Safety Team that the church install a video surveillance system. The committee continues to study the issues with safety and no final decision have been made. Session asked the Finance Committee to recommend where the money would come from in the budget when needed. Whit encouraged session members to process and pray about the issues.