Notes from Stated Session Meeting

August 27, 2017

The new “First Pres app” that can be loaded onto your phone to make it easier to get information about the church.   The New Member Committee is studying a book which suggests that church members have 7 minutes to give or make a good impression.  It suggests greeting visitors before church and to have directional signs and information everywhere.

The timeline for our Capital and Annual Stewardship Campaign was reviewed.  The advance Capital Campaign began in September.  Stewardship is doing their regular congregational campaign.  John Clark and Suzanne Wells are chairs for the Capital Campaign.  The Stewardship dinner is October 1. November 5th is Pledge Dedication Sunday for both campaigns.  In December, the session will meet to approve the budget.

The session approved at $1.7 million goal and the architectural drawings on hand with the understanding that the final project may change slightly and that we will wait for the campaign results for a final decision. Session also voted designate $100,000.00 of these funds for a benevolence component with distribution of the money to be among needs determined by the session.

A congregational meeting will be held on October 1, in the sanctuary to elect elders.