Session Notes April 2018.

The Questors (confirmands) presented their faith statements. Kathleen Menard made the motion to receive them into membership. The motion was seconded by Jenny Hines. Motion passed unanimously. Confirmands are: Will Banks, Spears Culpepper, Brody Ham, Wyatt Fisher, Will Holbrook, David Pritchard, Lillian Pitts, Mary Salyards, Sadie Stamper, Fletcher Tate, Lewis Tate, Baylor Texer and Tate Webber.

The session elected as Vice Treasurers of First Presbyterian Church, Hickory, North Carolina (U.S.A.) to take office immediately and to serve until their successors are duly elected: John F. King and Robert F. Rodgers. These persons and Jay VN Crane, Treasurer, are approved and authorized to act as agents on behalf of the First Presbyterian Church, Hickory, North Carolina (U.S.A.) with regard to all matters related to the opening and administering of a church stock account the TD Ameritrade, or other broker(s) as approved by the Finance Committee.

Information was presented by the Church Safety and Emergency Management Task Force regarding a plan for locating video surveillance cameras in various places around the church.

A copy of the contact with Looper Construction was presented for information.