1. What are the options for giving to the church?

Options include giving in worship, online giving, automatic drafts and transfer of stocks and IRA assets to the church.

Online giving includes using the “Bill Pay” option available at your personal bank, scheduled deductions from your checking or savings account, transfers via  Venmo, or periodic charges to your credit or debit card.

You may authorize the church to draft monthly from your checking account with automatic drafting. Please contact our financial administrator, Sue Shoffner, to provide your account information to initiate this process.

You may transfer stock to the church or directly from your IRA via a Qualified Charitable Deduction (QCD).  Making a QCD can have significant tax advantages for you.  To utilize a QCD or to donate/ transfer stock, please contact your financial adviser for the best tax advantaged procedure.   Please note that our new account information is Charles Schwab Account# 1518-1373, DTC# 0164, and customer service – 800-435-4000.  If you donate stock, please give us a “heads up” by sending an email to  Include the name of the stock, the number of shares, an approximate date of the transaction, and whether this gift is to be applied to the current year pledge.  Contribution credit will be given in the year the donation is received, but the donation can be designated as a prepayment of the next year’s pledge, if desired.

2. Will I be able to make online payments to the church for reasons other than tax deductible payments? 

Yes, on Venmo and your bank’s bill pay, you may make both tax-deductible and non tax-deductible payments.  ACS provides a menu of only tax-deductible contribution options.

3. How do I sign up for online giving?

Church members and visitors should follow the directions on the DONATE NOW page. Following registration, you will receive a confirmation of registration by email, and provided a user name which you may use in place of your email address.  You will also receive an email receipt for your donation.

4. How do I donate a memorial gift to the church as suggested in an obituary?

Follow the directions on the MAKE A PAYMENT page found under the Give menu at the top of this page.

5. How do I keep track of my donations?

The church will distribute quarterly statements of your tax-deductible donations.

6. What if I have a question and want to contact a person?

Feel free to call  Sue Shoffner, financial administrator, at 828-485-1267 or send her an email with any questions you may have.



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