June 26, 2022Foxes and BirdsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 19, 2022The Art of ConversationHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 12, 2022Many ThingsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 5, 2022The Good Good-ByeWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 29, 2022A Departure but Not an EpitaphHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 22, 2022Grateful RememberingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 15, 2022Church: Why Go?Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 8, 2022In God We TrustWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 1, 2022Fides Quaerens Intellectum (Faith Seeking Understanding)Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 24, 2022Holy SaturdayHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 17, 2022This Day Belongs to GodWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 10, 2022The Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the WorldWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 3, 2022The Promotion of Social RighteousnessHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 27, 2022Preservation of the TruthWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 20, 2022Pockets of ParadiseMary Salyards
(Youth Sunday)
March 6, 2022The Shelter, Nurture, and Spiritual Fellowship of the Children of GodWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 27, 2022The Proclamation of the Gospel for the Salvation of HumankindWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 20, 2022Mission Study: Looking Outside the WindowDelivered by: Shirley Thomason and Sarah ShumateDOWNLOAD
February 13, 2022 Mission Study Report: Looking in the MirrorDelivered by: Melvin Meares and Cynthia HoneycuttDOWNLOAD
February 13, 2022Mission Study IntroWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 6, 2022Easter NonsenseWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 30, 2022How to (Properly) Eat an OreoHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 23, 2022Dangerous SpiritualityWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 16, 2022Now Concerning Spiritual GiftsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 9, 2022Liquid ChurchWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 2, 2022The Work of ChristmasHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
December 24, 2021Holy to the TouchWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 19, 2021All You Can Do Is Sing!Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 19, 2021Heather's Christmas Song ReflectionsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
December 12, 2021Saving SpaceWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 5, 2021Witness And WithnessHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 28, 2021Ordinary People, Extraordinary GodWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 21, 2021The End, The Beginning, and the Whole StoryHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 14, 2021Treasure ThemWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 7, 2021Giving It Your AllWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 31, 2021One Degree of GloryHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 24, 2021Come Before WinterWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 17, 2021From the Inside OutWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 10, 2021A Squared CircleHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 3, 2021Thy Kingdom ComeWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 26, 2021To Those Who Are Serious About Their FaithWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 19, 2021Fence BuildingHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
September 12, 2021Blessed Are the Upside DownWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 5, 2021From Crisis to KrisisWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 29, 2021The Epistle of StrawHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 22, 2021Be Strong in the LordWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 15, 2021Instructions and DirectionsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 8, 2021The Power of OneRev. Dr. Byron A. WadeDOWNLOAD
August 1, 2021Even Through Our DifferencesDennis StamperDOWNLOAD
July 25, 2021You Belong Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 18, 2021Ephesians 1:1-14Dennis StamperDOWNLOAD
July 11, 2021Hope: A New HabitHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 4, 2021Nothing Too Wonderful!Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 27, 2021The Plans I Have for YouWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 20, 2021The Pen is Mightier Than the FlameHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 13, 2021The Potter's HouseWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 6, 2021A Six-Verb ProphetHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 30, 2021Dichotomy No MoreWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 23, 2021Youth/Baccalaureate Sunday
May 16, 2021Moses' Yes to GodHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 9, 20201Why is THIS in the Bible?Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 2, 2021Keeping It RealWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 25, 2021Wisdom's InvitationHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 18, 2021Where to Begin?Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 11, 2021Doubts and AffirmationsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 4, 2021Easter ChurchWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 4, 2021Resurrection For...Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 28, 2021Sovereign in Life and DeathWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 24, 2021Lenten Vespers - "It is Finished"Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 21, 2021Farewell ConversationsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 17, 2021Lenten Vespers - "I Thirst"Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 14, 2021Clean FeetWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 10, 2021Lenten Vespers - "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 7, 2021John 11:1-45Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 3, 2021Lenten Vespers - "Woman Behold Your Son."Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
February 28, 2021SeeingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 24, 2021Lenten Vespers - "Today you will be with me in paradise."Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 21, 2021Holy HesitationHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
February 17, 2021Lenten Vespers - "Father, forgive them..."Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 14, 2021Face to Face with GodWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 7, 2021John 3:1-21Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 31, 2021Glory RedefinedWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 24, 2021What Are You Looking For?Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 17, 20201Psalm 139Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 10, 2021A Hole in the HeavensWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 3, 2021The GiftWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 27, 2020"Christmas Carol Sing-a-long"
December 20, 2020Christmas CantataFPC Handbell Choir & Choral Scholars
December 13, 2020Fear NotWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 6, 2020Mark 1:1-8Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 29, 2020With Power and GloryWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 22, 2020Rev. Dr. Byron Wade
November 15, 2020Matthew 25:14-30Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 8, 2020With Glad and Generous HeartsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 1, 2020Come Before WinterWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 25, 2020Bread and Nail PolishHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 18, 2020Spiritual Practices - GivingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 11, 2020ServiceDennis StamperDOWNLOAD
October 4, 2020Practice Makes ProficientHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
September 27, 2020Hallelujah - Psalm 150Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 13, 2020AnswerizingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 6, 2020Romans 13:8-14Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 30, 2020The Main ThingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 23, 2020Psalm 138Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 16, 2020Glory DoorsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 9, 2020Golden GraceHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 2, 2020Keeping God at a DistanceWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
July 26, 2020Thirsty, ThirstyHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 19, 2020Special BreadWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
July 12, 2020Exodus 14:19-31Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 5, 2020It's Time!Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 28, 2020Excuses, ExcusesHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 21, 2020Our Birth StoriesHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 14, 2020Laughing with SarahWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 7, 2020A Dream Still DeferredWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 1, 2020Two PentecostsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 24, 2020To Infinity and BeyondHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 17, 2020Youth Sunday
May 10, 2020HeavenWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 3, 2020At Home in GodWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 26, 2020The Road to EmmausDennis StamperDOWNLOAD
April 19, 2020What is Normal Anyway?Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 12, 2020Easter - At Deep DawnWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 5, 2020Who Is That Man?Whit Malone and Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 29, 2020Dry Bones LIVE!Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 22, 2020John 9:1-41Heather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 15, 2020He HAD to go...Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 15, 2020An Unlikely Love StoryHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 8, 2020To a Land That I Will Show YouWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 1, 2020No Matter WhatWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 26, 2020Sacred DustHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
February 23, 2020Seeing Things And Hearing VoicesHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
February 16, 2020The Perfect ChurchWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
February 9, 2020Permission To Be SaltyHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
February 2, 2020A Needed ReminderHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 26, 2020Colossians Three SeventeenHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 19, 2020Behind the ScenesWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 19, 2020NicknamesHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
January 12, 2020A Matter of IdentityWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
January 12, 2020Deep WatersHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
December 22, 2019Christmas at John's HouseWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 22, 2019Christmas at John's HouseHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
December 15, 2019Christmas at Luke's House - CantataWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 15, 2019Christmas at Luke's HouseHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
December 8, 2019Christmas at Matthew's HouseWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
December 8, 2019Christmas at Matthew's HouseHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 24, 2019When You Can't Do It YourselfWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 24, 2019Silence Broken OpenHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 17, 2019Ruined TemplesWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
November 17, 2019A Bad Word But a Good One TooHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
November 3, 2019TetheredHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 27, 2010ZappedHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 20, 2019Creation MattersWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 20, 2019The Grace of the WorldHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 13, 2019Learning to Count Our DaysWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
October 13, 2019Redeeming TimeHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
October 6, 2019StewardsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 29, 2019A Fixed ChasmWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 22, 2019Starting to WalkDennis StamperDOWNLOAD
September 15, 2019Good News All the WayWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 8, 2019The Estimated BillWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
September 1, 2019Table MannersHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 25, 2019Jeremiah Was A ProphetHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
August 18, 2019Our Neighbors - 90 Days of Listening #2Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 11, 2019Searching For HomeWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
August 4, 2019 Productivity And Presence - A Modern ParableHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 28, 2019Shameless Prayer Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
July 21, 2019Fed Up!Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
July 14, 2019Who Is My NeighborHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
July 7, 2019When You Really Need a MiracleWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 30, 2019Truth in AdvertisingWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 23, 2019A Social SalvationHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 16, 2019The Reality of WisdomHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
June 9, 2019Pitching Our Tent - 90 Days of Listening ReportWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
June 2, 2019That they may be one - John 17.20-26Whit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 26, 2019By ChanceHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 19, 2019The Day Salvation Came to Our HouseWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 19, 2019A Place at The TableHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
May 12, 2019A Necessary LifeWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
May 5, 2019An Everyday GospelHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 28, 2019Resurrection, Part IIHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
April 21, 2019Unnatural Event - EasterWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 14, 2019It's in the detailsWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
April 14, 2019Details, details, detailsHeather DavisDOWNLOAD
March 31, 2019A Lasting FragranceWhit MaloneDOWNLOAD
March 31, 2019A Whiff of NotorietyHeather DavisDOWNLOAD


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