Welcome to the online giving program for First Presbyterian Church, Hickory, NC, created for your convenience to donate or make other payments to the church. Please click on the links below to learn more about online giving and setting up an account. We appreciate your participation in this program!


For newcomers to online giving, please click here to read a list of advantages to both the donor and the church


Already have an account?  Click here to login with your Email Address/User Name and Password


CHURCH MEMBERS wishing to set up an account for online giving, should click on “Account sign up” above.  Once the page has loaded, choose Need a Login?  CLICK HERE.  Ignore the information in the blue box asking for a user name/email and password. Your email address inputted must be the most recent one you provided to the church.  Once you enter your name and current email, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm account and set up a password.

NON-CHURCH MEMBERS wishing to set up an account with the church for possible repetitive giving or access to their giving records should follow the directions in the option provided in the create account in the one time gift section below.


If you wish to make a one-time donation or payment to the church towards a memorial, fund or benevolence, click above link to enter required information.  A receipt will be sent to the email address provided.  The option to create an account with the church for possible repetitive giving, or access to your giving records, is provided on page 2 after you click “Continue” in the “We’d love to have you back” block. Just confirm your email and click on “Create Account” link in order to continue both with your gift and to set up an account simultaneously.


Learn more about online giving by reading our FAQs.  These should answer many of your questions concerning online giving.  If you have other questions now or at any time in the future please CONTACT US.